Alan John Marsh, MSIA, ARIDO – a man who follows his passions.

Alan immigrated to Canada from England to work in the design office of Colin Rae & Associates, where after two years he was made a partner. Studies in London, England, concluded with his acceptance into the Society of Industrial Artists in the Interior Design category) MSIA). Alan was the youngest member to have been accepted at that time.

Colin Rae & Associates merged with Cranfield, Stephens Design, of form Design International, which had office in Montréal, Toronto and Johannesburg. As a partner, Alan was in charge of the Montreal office, where he was planning and designing a variety of commercial projects, which included Shopping Centres, Offices, Restaurants and Stores, across North America.

Most recently Alan has been designing interior spaces at The Brewery Lofts in Toronto. His unique signature feature being a hung mezzanine combining wood, metal and glass. In the design, Alan utilizes racecar suspension technology (knowledge gained from competitive car racing and designing), which gives the floor a floating effect's This effect not only increases square footage, but also maintains the “open loft feel” of the space. At the same time, these “hanging floors” can also provide a ceiling for an intimate area below.

Alan's passions for the visual aesthetic also lead him to photography. As a professional photographer, Alan I represented in Toronto by First Light, which is linked to Getty Images.