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ALAN JOHN MARSH : DESIGN PHILOSOPHY – minimalism with a flourish


Creating designs that are timeless is my goal. New directions can be found with today's technology and new materials - it's just a matter of applying imagination . It is too easy to be influenced by the latest trends, as Le Corbusier once said, “ Style is a feather in a woman's hat”. Designers like Frank Lloyd Wright, Le Corbusier, Mies van der Rohe, Philippe Starck, Arne Jacobsen , Frank O. Gehry , Richard Neutra, Marcel Broeuer, Pier Luigi Nervi , Walter Gropius , are some of my greatest influences that propel me to create a unique design with clean lines and discipline that will transcend time .


These great designers align with my basic philosophy - “ less is more ”. Minimalism is a discipline that I follow, but it's minimalism with a flourish. Making details that add beauty and personality to a project, become the flourish. And designing in the 21 st century means a conscious effort to always include the basic principle that “form follows function”.


A greater awareness today allows us to make better decisions on proportion , with an understanding of the golden section . The placement of rooms and orientation can reinforce healthy living , aided by guidelines found in Feng Shui . Designers today have an environmental responsibility , which is a commitment to the design process. Also including in the design, an awareness of materials that are easier to renew , or materials that have been recycled .


Being instrumental in helping clients realize their dream loft is exciting for me. Developing inventive solutions for modern loft spaces with customers are like-minded is inspiring for me. It can be a beautiful second level suspended from the ceiling, a cool catwalk , or a cantilevered glass staircase . All can be expressed tastefully and can be as light as a feather . Being creativ e and delivering a unique loft design with an edge that is appreciated and enjoyed is truly fulfilling for me.


Many clients express that: "It was seeing other renovations and with the encouragement of his previous clients , that we engaged Alan Marsh for his excellent ability to visualize three-dimensional solutions to complex design challenges . For our loft renovation , we had many spatial constraints and functional requirements. Everything we wanted was accomplished with an intricate layout , despite a limited ceiling height . We now have a beautiful space, with integrated storage and utility areas that actually increased the open full-height space in our loft. We did not have to compromise any important elements , and the completed design is super-functional and looks great too. Alan maintained the spacious interior of a loft, yet created a feeling of intimacy within it."

After seeing Holmes on Homes , and realizing customers' fears; it is important to engage an experienced contractor who is up to the challenges of each custom design project . And who feels the build is personally rewarding , working with me from conception to completion, transforming each loft into a distinctive space that all parties involved can be proud of and everyone build being an example of “thinking outside the box”.


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